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About us

the new future of travel planning

Driven by innovative AI technology, our app offers tailor-made itineraries that promise more than just a journey—they promise a story.

About Us EasyTrip AI
About Us EasyTrip AI

Exploring hidden gems of the world

Whether you’re embracing business opportunities in Asia, or seeking romance in Paris, EasyTrip simplifies your planning process so you can focus on living your adventure.

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About Us EasyTrip AI

Our Vision

About Us EasyTrip AI

Effortless Planning for the Best Experience

Forget the old days of cumbersome trip planning. With EasyTrip, a few minutes is all it takes to start your next adventure. Our AI-driven technology streamlines the process, transforming the way you plan and experience travel.

About Us EasyTrip AI

Mission-Driven Travel

At EasyTrip, our mission is to integrate cutting-edge AI solutions with sustainable and responsible traveling. We are committed to ensuring that every trip planned through our platform contributes positively to the destinations we love.

About Us EasyTrip AI

Contributing to a Greener World

We believe in giving back to the planet that hosts our adventures. That’s why EasyTrip dedicates 50% of our revenue to funding green projects. By choosing EasyTrip, you are not just planning a trip; you are also contributing to environmental sustainability.

Mission & Latest News.

With a global network of remote team members and a vibrant community of locals, EasyTrip brings you insights and hidden spots straight from the heart of your destination. Our interactive platform is your gateway to a world of authentic, local travel experiences.

Say goodbye to generic travel guides and hello to personalized adventures that resonate with your travel style. Discover the world with EasyTrip —where your next story begins. Read more here

With offices in both Cyprus (business hub) and Ho Chi Minh city (dev hub), our company champions freedom, autonomy, and work-life balance. We empower our team with flexible schedules and prioritize personal well-being alongside professional growth. It’s about fostering creativity, innovation, and a sense of fulfillment in all aspects of life. Contact Us

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